Friday, September 7, 2012

This marks the end of day four after our arrival here in Moscow, Russia!  My boss and his wife from ISpeak have been exceptionally kind in helping us get on our feet here.  They even had a kitchen full of groceries waiting for us when we arrived.  When we laid eyes our apartment for the first time I was very pleased.  It's small, but clean and came furnished.  It even has a washing machine- which means we don't have to wash clothes in the sink (which I was originally expecting to have to do.)  Lexi is just happy being with mommy and daddy and is beside herself crawling around everywhere on the wood floors.  It's already cold here.  I haven't gone anywhere outside without my fleece on and apparently every Russian child that draws breath MUST wear a hat at all times.  I'm sure the babushkas think we're bad parents having Lexi's strawberry-blonde locks blowing freely in the breeze.  We spent a full day at IKEA picking up things for the apartment that were lacking.  We managed to score a pretty nice bed for a good price and Lexi got a new toy to keep her occupied.  Oh, and we got threatened by a trolley-bus driver while sitting in traffic.  Apparently we didn't move our car fast enough out of his way or something.

I won't actually start teaching until the 17th because the office has been terribly behind with most of the staff having been gone over the summer.  However, we're having a meet and greet tomorrow on Saturday so I will hopefully be able to meet some of my future students  then.  Exciting times!



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