Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3 Things I feel Strongly About

1. Faith in Jesus Christ being the only way into heaven.
2. Marriage: without divorce
3. Don't Lie

Now, surly there are more things than just these 3 that I feel strongly about. Usually my passion flares up in a middle of a conversation, but for times sake I will stick to only discussing these three things. And mostly I want to talk about marriage.

Marriage, I believe is a sanctified union between man and woman, and blessed by God. Blessed so much so that the Bible says: what God has joined together let man not separate (Matthew 19:16). When I read this verse, I take man to mean "me" or my "husband;" not just some outside 3rd party. If is was only speaking of a 3rd party, it'd be to easy to place blame on someone else for your failed marriage, divorce and carry on. But what kind of carrying on is there after divorce. It's a lot of heartache for everyone involved (especially children). That and a piece of you will always live with another person. Do you know a single mother? There is too much work raising a family to put all that stress on just one person. My sister is my hero, because she has raised 3 kids on her own while working and/or going to school. I've watched my parents go through divorce and my sister. It's messy. So let's avoid it people. No one likes to clean up messes anyhow. 

When you get married, agree to leave the word "divorce" out of your vocabulary. Never say it in your house; never say it to each other. Make it your goal to be married 50 years, and if you live longer then make it 60. My grandparents are my other heros because they've been married for more than 60 years!

(If your reading this and you've already been through a divorce, know that I'm not judging you but sounding a wake up call for all married couples or soon to be married couples. God is gracious, forgiving, and loving. There's nothing that He can not do.)

Married for Life :)

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