Saturday, October 6, 2012

Why all the Devo's before turning 30???


Sometime last winter I started a bucket list of all the things I wanted to do before I turned thirty. Why? Because, to me 30 is a big deal. I need to finish everything I want to in my 20's, because I'll never be twenty-nine again. Even if I say I'm 29 and holding, we all know it's not true. Unfortunately I didn't get very far with my list before I started to say, "but I've already done that."

Not bragging, just saying: I am very blessed to already have such a full life, and have been on so many adventures. I just couldn't think of 30 new (FREE) things to do before I turned 30. For example, I'm already married, have my first child, went skydiving, para-sailing,  white water rafting, seen a volcano, hiked in a rainforest, been to several other countries, finished all the school I care to attend, and have had enough ME focused adventures for awhile :)   I have to admit, that I've even cheated on this list, many of the things I already did during the year before I created the list (like serve at a soup kitchen).

So I turned it into a 30 ways to bless others list instead. One of the items on that list is to write devos. (I think I said 30 before 30, buttttt I'm already behind. So, I'll give myself grace if you'll give me grace and not count the number of devos.)

If you want to see the entire list, you can CLICK HERE. Perhaps you'd like to start your own list for the next month and do one thing a day to bless someone else. Or a list for the entire year and just do one thing to bless someone each month. Random acts of kindness can mean so much!

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