Thursday, October 18, 2012


Before your hired, every employer wants to know what your ability to prioritize is like. What if you have a list of one hundred things you need to do? Which one comes first. Every day, we have the pleasure of choosing what it is we want to do. Granted most of the things on our list are things we've made a commitment to do, like work.

How do you begin prioritizing in your personal life? Ask yourself what is most important to you? Then look at your list of all that you are doing. Does what your involved in and spending your energy on match your top priorities? From there you can weed out time killers. You can have a rich family life, deep friendships and work. God is so good to us. We are made in His image. Remember when your feeling weighted down, that He made the world in just 7 days. If your made in His image, imagine what your capable of. All of his commandments were summed up into this one:Love God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.

My Priorities through 30 and Beyond
1. Working not to please others but to please God. Putting God first in this way and in loving Him.
2. Loving my family (serving them without complaining, but out of love and to find joy in it).
3. Cultivate deep friendships (no more flighty 20s: hello solid momma).
P.S.: Dear Rhonda, please remember not to be so hard on your self; give yourself a break too!

My Priorities for the past several years
2. Family
3. Work

A PICK ME UP SONG from the Disney Movie "Jungle Book." The Bear (bare) Necessities.

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